Corporate Headshot Day


Our Corporate Headshot Day program produces the best quality professional headshots for your team, with minimal effort on your part.

Convenient. Easy. Powerful. The ADM Photo & Video Corporate Headshot Day program will provide high-quality headshots for your team members at an unbeatable price. We make the process very easy so that everything is handled with the minimum of fuss.


 With our online scheduling, each member of your team can see the available times and sign up. You don’t have to coordinate. We confirm with each person before their session, letting them know when to come, what to bring and how to prepare. We’ll even send them a reminder SMS message the day before the appointment to remind them.

On the day of the session each member of your team will arrive at the studio at their chosen appointment time and will spend around 15 minutes having various photographs taken. We will project their photographs on the big screen monitor in the studio, so they can select which image(s) they would like to have edited and returned to them.


  1. Use the form on the right to choose a corporate headshots date for your business
  2. Have employees sign-up on our custom scheduling page that we will email to you
  3. Employees arrive at the scheduled time to be photographed
  4. Employees can see and select their favorite headshots before leaving the studio
  5. We will send the retouched headshot photos to the employees approximately 3-4 days after the headshot day.


How much does a headshot day cost?

Our starting price for the day is $1,000. You can schedule up to 15 employees to come to our studio at various times throughout your chosen day to be photographed.

Do our employees have to pay anything?

The cost of the headshot day will be paid by the business, and if you choose to charge your employees that is between you and your employees. There is no cost from us to the employee for the photography session, and this will include one retouched digital image of their choice. If your employees want more than one of the images, the cost will be $50 per additional image. Of course, there is no obligation to choose more than one image.

What if any of my staff can't make it on the scheduled day?

We’re afraid we can’t reschedule staff without charging our usual fee. To take advantage of the low-fee we are charging for closing off our studio to the public for the day, staff members do need to schedule and show up on the selected day not to incur a fee (from us).

Should I charge my staff for the headshots?

That would really be up to you. However, we would suggest that you charge a nominal fee to encourage them to show up on the scheduled day.

How many staff members can I send on the day?

As the day is run on scheduled timing then the maximum we photograph on a single day is 15. If you have more than 15 staff members who need to be photographed, you would need to schedule a second corporate headshot day.

How many photographs does each staff member get?

Each member of your staff can choose a single headshot to be edited. This will then be edited and delivered in a digital format in both color and black and white. If they want more than one photograph then the cost will be  $50 per additional photo.

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